Lucky Mermaid Slots


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Lucky Mermaid Slots is an app that simulates the traditional slot machines of casinos where you can try your luck at winning thousands of prizes. The gameplay is exactly the same as in the traditional game so all you need is luck and patience to get all the rewards possible. The interface is full of color, helping you to visually locate the icons once the wheel starts spinning.

The game includes four different modes: Halloween, Sweet Shop, Lady Life, and Mermaid. While all four are played practically the same way, each one has a different theme and some are less likely to give big payouts. For starters, you should be aware that the money in your account for each mode is independent from the rest. This means you can't use money you win from one game in another.

In Lucky Mermaid Slots, you play just like you would on a traditional slot machine, so don't forget about the information shown at the bottom of the screen that shows the best score, the lines you've made, and the amount you want to bet (between 1 and 400). Think about your budget and try your luck little by little, or take a risk and try to hit it big.

Lucky Mermaid Slots is a fun casino app that lets you enjoy this type of game without having to spend a dime of your own money since it's all pretend coins provided by the game. Try your luck in every mode and win money by deciding the right moment to go big or go home!
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